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18th April, 2004
23.00 IST (+05.30 GMT)

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Poll predictions: NDA may get 260-280 seats


NDTV Correspondent Saturday, April 17, 2004 (New Delhi):

NDTV-Indian Express's second opinion poll conducted by AC Nielsen says the NDA is likely to get between 260 and 280 seats, while the Congress and its allies may land between 165 and 180 seats in the forthcoming general election.

The joint opinion poll is being conducted in four phases to correspond with the voting schedule. 

Cong gains

The first phase of voting will be held on April 20, where 140 seats will go to polls. And as per the current opinion poll, the Congress has made marginal gains while the BJP has slipped marginally in comparison with the survey held in March.

The NDTV-Indian Express's March poll had predicted the Congress to win 33 seats, but the tally has now gone up to 47. In 1999, the Congress had won 46 of these 140 seats. 

The BJP has come down to 83 compared to 97 in the March opinion poll. In 1999, the BJP had won from 87 of these 140 constituencies. 

According to the early April poll, the overall India forecast says the NDA is likely to get between 260 and 280 seats.

The Congress along with its allies could be in the range of 165 and 180 seats. The other political parties may account for 95 to 105 seats. 

Source: NDTV.com

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