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19th December, 2006
23.30 IST (+05.30 GMT)

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Who is male and who is female...?  

Doha Asian Games 800m silver medallist, Indian athlete Santhi Soundarajan could be stripped of her medal after failing a gender test as she reportedly did not have the 'sexual characteristics of a woman'. 

Tamil Nadu Election-2006 News

AghilhaM recommends 100% pension to SBI - State Bank of India employees.

India: Tamil Nadu: Chennai relief stampede kills 42 for flood relief aid 

Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has stressed upon the importance of a free press as an important guarantor of democratic and human rights.

Fifty-four years in jail without trial: the plight of prison inmates in India

Indian Prime Minister's Opening Statement at US National Press Club

India - Ayodhya attack: Leaders Must Prevent Sectarian Violence. read

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi - Visa - US - UK - National Human Rights Commission read

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha’s interview 
on BBC World’s HARDtalk India.

Going by astrological predictions, the stars foretold that the new Indian government would fall on 26th, Sept 2004 - Starry starry lies! read...

AghilhaM's deepest condolence to the families who lost their innocent children at Tamil Nadu Kumbakonam Primary School Fire Accident(?). 

Yes, it's NOT an accident, 
but a 'well-planned SOCIAL CRIME' 
committed by our negligence.  

Our tears alone will not console the victims. But ...? 

BBC: India's claustrophobic classrooms. read the story

Rediff Special: 'Stars favour Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee' - Astrological Election Predictions read...

Is India Shining? Answer With Your Vote 
A 'must' to read to know about India's 'SHINING' read...

"India Shining" - myth or reality ...? Read India Election News

The head of India's election commission has described the country's politicians as poorly educated, impolite cheats. more...


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